Notifies the order has been placed in the merchant's system.

Request Fields

applicationIdThis is the Account Number (AKA Lease ID) as assigned by Progressive LeasingString
cartIdThe unique cartId generated and returned from the POST application/cart endpoint.Integer
storeAn object that contains the details of the Merchant and their StoreObject
store.progressiveMerchantIdThe Progressive supplied ID that designates your Progressive store number.Integer
store.merchantStoreIdThis value is supplied by your organization. It is the value from your system which represents an individual store location. This information must be cross referenced to the Progressive System.String
store.salesAssociateStore sales associate name/ID that is entering the lease application.String
store.merchantApplicationIdentifierThis is a store-specific field for passing a Merchant application's unique identifier.String
store.merchantTerminalIdStore terminal Id number, to be used in scenarios where a store's POS system is interacting with the endpoint.String

Response Fields

statusCodeA status code indicating the state of the requestInteger
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