Submits merchant cart, processes cart, and returns cart pricing.

Request Fields

storeAn object that contains the details of the Merchant and their StoreObject
store.progressiveMerchantIdThe Progressive supplied ID that designates your Progressive store number.Integer
store.merchantStoreIdThis value is supplied by your organization. It is the value from your system which represents an individual store location. This information must be cross referenced to the Progressive System.String
store.salesAssociateStore sales associate name/ID that is entering the lease application.String
store.merchantApplicationIdentifierThis is a store-specific field for passing a Merchant application's unique identifier.OptionalString
store.merchantTerminalIdStore terminal Id number, to be used in scenarios where a store's POS system is interacting with the endpoint.OptionalString
applicationIdThis is the Account Number (AKA Lease ID) as assigned by Progressive LeasingString
merchantTransactionIdThis is the Invoice Number or other ID from the Merchant's systemString
depositNot Implemented. Will provide future functionality.Not ImplementedNumber
cartTotalThe sum of all LineItem's "LineTotal" amounts in the cart.Number
itemsA collection of products that are present in the customer's cart. The item collection can contain 1..* itemsArray of Object
items[0].lineNumberA unique line number assigned to each item in the collection. Note - the index of the item is denoted in brackets - e.g. the first ordinal item record in the collection is 0.Integer
items[0].skuAn item identifier, typically assigned by the manufacturer or retailerString
items[0].modelA description of the individual variant of this particular item. A single item may come in multiple modelsString
items[0].descriptionA human readable description of the itemString
items[0].priceEachThe unit price of the itemNumber
items[0].quantityThe number of the given line item that is being purchasedInteger
items[0].lineTotalThe priceEach * quantity for the line itemNumber
items[0].isNewAn indication of whether the merchandise is new or used.BooleanBoolean
items[0].typeOnly one item of type "DeliveryFee" should be submitted per cart. This single item should contain the total of all delivery fee items included in the cart. Leave empty for all items other than delivery charges.String
items[0].deliveryTypeAn enum value that indicates the type of Delivery. Possible values are: Null, TakeWith, InStorePickUp, HomeDeliveryOptionalstring
items[0].deliveryLocationIndicates the location that the customer will take delivery of the item. When provided, should be set to the MerchantStoreId of the store the item will be picked up fromRequired when DeliveryType is “InStorePickUp”String

Response Fields

cartIdA unique generated number representing the cart submission.Integer
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