Adding Marketing Elements

The Promotional Widget appears in the Product Page to advertise that financing offers are available for that product. The widget helps to increase conversion and AOV.

Creating a Widget

The process of creating a widget is nearly the same for each widget type. You can follow the first part of the instructions, and then complete the last part for the specific type of widget you want.

To configure the promotional widget, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Magento2 Admin site > Content > Elements > Widgets
  2. Click the Add Widget button:

  1. Fill in Settings field by following the table below:

TypeChargeafter Payment Promotional Widget
Design ThemeYour current theme
  1. Click the Continue button
  2. In the Storefront Properties section, fill in fields per table below:

  • For Widget Title, enter a descriptive title for the widget.
    This title is visible only from the Admin.
  • For Assign to Store Views, select the store views where the widget will be visible.
    You can select a specific store view, or All Store Views. To select multiple views, hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or the Command key (Mac) and click each option.
  • (Optional) For Sort Order, enter a number to determine the order this item appears with others in the same part of the page. (0 = first, 1 = second, 3 = third, and so on.)
  1. In the Layout Updates section, click on Add Layout Update

  2. Set Display on to the type of page where it is to appear. In the Container list, choose the area of the page layout where it is to be placed:

  1. Navigate to the Widget Options tab in the left panel > fill in fields as per table below:

(based on the financial product)
Financing page urlMust include a link to the financing page in order for the widget to work
ModeBrand-focus or Price-focus for the widget.
Optional, defaults to "price-focus"