Order Info

Test case 8: Configure the Connect callback functions

Connect has a few callback functions that provide your system with the information needed to update Progressive with the order status. Merchants generally use these functions post-purchase to provide an order id and acknowledge the entire order has been delivered or is scheduled for delivery. Read more about confirming order and delivery in the Configuration page - Success callbacks section.

Store the callback information Connect provides at checkout. Then validate that your system provides back an order id and future delivery date using both the one-time URLs.

When you're ready to validate order acknowledgement or delivery confirmation, use our URL endpoint examples below.

//Progressive will provide this information with each successful checkout and lease.
onSuccess: function(s) {
//POST api/v1/update-delivery?leaseId={obfuscatedLeaseId}&code={uniqueCode}
    "deliveryDate": "2023-08-21" // this is the delivery date that should be associated with the lease
//POST api/v1/update-order?leaseId={obfuscatedLeaseId}&code={code}
    "orderId": "123456" // this is the orderId that should be associated with the lease