ULCE Implementation

Lease Cost Estimator

These are the URL query parameters that the end-developer may provide. Note: These
query parameters are case sensitive, e.g. parentStoreId is not the same as ParentStoreid.

Query ParameterValue TypeNotes
parentStoreId *numberThis is the eCommerce parent store id.
storeId *numberThis is the eCommerce store id that represents the state. This is not always known and is best to provide the parent store id instead.
cashPricefloatThis represents the total retail cash price of the item(s). If this
parameter is passed, then the cash price input filled on the form will not be shown to the end-user. As well as the input field on the results page.
cashPriceReadOnlybooleanThis allows the retail cash price - on the form and the result page -to be shown to the end-user, but the input field will be in a readonly state.
cashPriceMinimumfloatThis represents the minimum amount that the cash price can be. It must be higher than our minimum of 150.00.
cashPriceMaximumfloatThis represents the maximum amount that the cash price can be. It must be lower than our minimum of 5,000.00.
hideFooterbooleanThis will remove the call to action footer on the results page.
hideHeaderbooleanThis will remove the header portion on the start, loading, and results pages.
statestringThis is the two letter state abbreviation for the state in which this item will be delivered. Only provide this if the delivery state is known.
langstringThis is a two letter value representing only English (en) or Spanish (es). Currently, those are the only two languages that are supported. NOTE: Currently this can not be changed after the LCE has been rendered.
  • Either the parentStoreId or the storeId has to be provided, but not both.

These are the two public URLs; demo and production.

If any of the URL query parameters are incorrect, the following error codes may show up. If you have any questions and are having some trouble with these error codes, please reach out to your Progressive Leasing representative.

110Neither a parentStoreId or a storeId were passed.
120Both a parentStoreId and a storeId were passed.
130In order for the cashPriceReadonly to work properly, a cashPrice must also be passed.
131The cashPriceMinimum that was passed is lower than our minimum of 150.00.
132The cashPriceMaximum that was passed is higher than our maximum of 5,000.00.
140The state that was passed is not a valid state. Valid state are the official two digit abbreviation.
141The state passed is a state that Progressive Leasing does not do business in. The following state are not acceptable: ‘MN’, ‘NJ’, ‘VT’, ‘WI’, and ‘WY’.
150The language code that was passed is not a valid language. The only two valid language codes are "en" for English (default) and "es" for Spanish.

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