Configure Leasable Items

Specifying whether a product is leasable is required when offering a lease-to-own financing option. The product can be marked leasable by setting the custom attribute “Leasable” to “Yes” for a given product. The Demandware cartridge treats -None- as leasable. Therefore all products are leasable by default.

Navigate to Merchant Tools → Products and Catalogs → Products

  1. Search for the product that should be leasable
  2. Open the product and scroll to Buy With Progressive Attributes
  3. Change Leasable through Progressive Leasing to "Yes".

Bulk Updating

It is also possible to update multiple products at once from the Catalog page.

Follow these steps to bulk change if a product is leasable:

Navigate to Merchant Tools → Products and Catalogs → Products

  1. If not editing the entire catalog, select the items to be edited
  2. Select Edit All or Edit Selected
  3. Select "Update/Delete Product Attributes"
  1. Click "Select attributes" to open the attributes list
  1. In the pop-up, search for "Progressive" and select the attribute you want to edit
    1. ProgressiveLeasableFlag - Leasable - Defines if a product is leasable with Progressive Leasing
    2. ProgressiveWarrantyFlag - Warranty - Defines if a product is a standalone warranty, leasable with Progressive Leasing
  1. Select Between the options (No, Yes and -None-)
    1. Reminder: The Demandware cartridge treats -None- and Yes and similar. Therefore having the same results.
  1. Click the "Finish: Go to Batch Process" button to run the update
    1. The process will appear in the "Batch Processes in Progress" list
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      "align": "center"
    2. After completed it will appear in the "Completed Batch Processes" list.