The order of operations for an eCommerce signing experience should be designed to minimize the rate of unplaced orders (leases signed without a confirmed order).

Order Validation at Signing

During the lease agreement signing, Progressive Leasing will collect the customer’s first initial payment using the credit card submitted during the application process. In the event a credit card was not collected, or the credit card was declined, the eSign session will prompt the customer for a credit card number.

Once the customer has electronically signed their lease and the initial payment has been collected the system must validate both the lease signing and initial payment has completed successfully. This is required prior to scheduling delivery or pickup of any merchandise.

To validate within the system, the RequestStatusWithDeliveryConfirmation endpoint can be utilized. A lease is confirmed as signed when the lease status = “Contracts Received” OR “Lease Accepted”. In addition, the OkayToDeliver must be set to ‘true’ which represents the initial payment was successfully collected.

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