Test Criteria

Here you will find user credentials and data requirements for testing your installation of the plugin.

Use the following customer data to receive lease approval & checkout in your sandbox environment:


Test Values



Any name (ie Pauline Leland)

First or Last name starting with the letter "D" will be denied.


Any email

Tip: use [[email protected]] to recieve test emails.


Any address

Address must be real.


Any phone


Any value

Must be >18 and <100 years of age.

Bank Account

Bank account and routing numbers need to be '000000000' (nine zeros)

Social Security

Any number

SSN must be random & unique (not used previously in another test). The first number determines outcome.
'5': approval
'6': pending
'7': denial


Any number

Monthly income must be greater than $3,000.

Credit Card

Demo card example:
Card: 4017 7799 9111 1115
Exp: 12/25

You may use any card. In a test environment, it will not be charged.


Tips & Tricks

Make sure the items in cart are leasable. Otherwise, the plugin will not permit the user to checkout.

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