At the point of signing, the Shopper reviews their lease agreement, provides their informed consent and electronic signature, then submits. Their payment card is then authorized for the amount due today.

Test case 5: Cart review with leasability determination and pricing

Confirm that Connect has identified leasable vs non-leasable items as expected on the Cart review page. Check the lease terms and pricing to ensure the leasable item pricing being shown is as expected. Ensure that on-click/touch of the Continue button, Shopper navigates to the Payment due at signing page.

Next, confirm that Connect has presented the expected amount due today and correct customer card to be charged. On-click/touch of Verify payment button, test that Shopper navigates to the electronic signing step.

Test case 6: Shopper reviews and signs their lease agreement

Finally, confirm that Connect has presented the Shopper their lease agreement and contractual values are as expected. Check the contractual disclosure checkboxes to enable electronic signing of agreement. Once the signed agreement is submitted, this ends the signing session.