Validate your Connect drop-in component installation with the following test cases and test data below.

The test cases cover the following lease-to-own Shopper journey points: application, signing and pay with virtual card on your checkout page. The Connect experience begin once the Shopper has chosen to Lease with Progressive.

Things to consider as you test

  • Don't use real-life data during testing. In all test cases, use our Connect test data for your testing.
  • Virtual card testing walks you through creation of a Progressive Leasing virtual card and card number autofill into the card number fields on your Merchant website.
  • Testing the Connect payment and checkout process does not result in an actual purchase or payment.

Connect demo

Welcome to the Progressive Connect experience. To assist with testing, walk through the Connect interactive demo. The demo aligns with the expected post-installation results.

Apply. Sign. Pay.

Try out our Connect E Corp demo and see how easy it is to Lease with Progressive.