Step 1: Download the Woocommerce Plugin

Click the button below to download the zip file.

Step 2: Install Plugin

Once you have downloaded the plugin, you will need to upload the .zip to WooCommerce. See the figure below to follow along with each step:

  1. Click Plugins then Add New
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Choose the .zip file
  4. Install the file

Step 3: Enable Plugin

In the Plugins menu, scroll to Consumer Financing by ChargeAfter and click Activate.

Step 4: Configure the plugin

After installing the plugin, you must add your Merchant Credentials to the Payment Methods screen in Woocommerce.

  1. Select Settings under WooCommerce in the left sidebar.

  2. In the tabs across the top, select Payments, then select Manage next to Consumer Financing by ChargeAfter

  3. Enable the solution, Set the Title to "Progressive Leasing", and Add API Keys to the proper sections.

  4. Lastly, select the Transaction Type. Capture will automatically complete and invoice new orders, while Authorization will require manual order confirmation using Woocommerce.

  5. Click on Save changes

  6. Test the solution.