As the Shopper arrives in Connect, they review the steps of the lease-to-own process, agree to required disclosures and begin the application.

Connect can prefill many of the application fields with information shared from your checkout, if configured. Otherwise the information is entered by the Shopper manually. Once all required fields are populated, the information can be reviewed and edited. The Shopper then submits the application for decisioning and approval.


See the Shopper test data

Test case 1: Lease with Progressive button is in the checkout page

Confirm that the Lease with Progressive button is displayed in the expected page and section of your checkout page. Refer to the Connect Recipe steps 1 and 2 to check the placement recommendations for the script tag and drop-in component.

Test case 2: Shopper accepts the application disclosures

Validate the disclosures page is presented and the Continue button is enabled. On-click/touch, Shopper navigates to Before you apply page.

The Before you apply page presents disclosure links with ability to open and review. Mark the disclosures checkbox to accept and proceed. The Start application button will be disabled until the checkbox is marked. Once checked, the Start application button is enabled. On-click/touch, Shopper navigates to the Contact info page and begins the application.

Test case 3: Shopper adds all required application information

In the application experience, the Shopper adds all required information on the Contact, Personal, Income, Card and Bank info pages. As each pages required fields are populated, the Continue button is enabled. On the Card info page, a Shoppers billing address must be marked to proceed. When the address box in not marked, the Continue button is disabled.

Once all required information is populated, the Review your info page is displayed. The Shopper can update any of the page sections. Validate the Update feature works for each application page.

Test case 4: Shopper submits the application with all required information

On click/touch of Continue button, Shopper is navigated to the Submit application page. The Submit application button is enabled. Once the application is submitted and processed, the Shopper's information is sent for decisioning and an application response is provided. Using the sample data, you have the option to validate various decision responses; Pending, Approved or Denied. As the application is submitted, a Processing Application page may be displayed to the Shopper.

Test data

When preparing to validate application scenarios, use the sample customer data below.


Shopper information

Email: [email protected]
Mobile phone: 951-3062
First name: Test
Last name: Approved, Declined or Pending (set this along with a corresponding SSN)
Date of birth: 8/12/1990
Home address: Any valid U.S address not in MN, NJ, VT, WI WV, WY (example 256 W Data Dr. Draper, UT 84020)
Monthly income: 3000
Last pay day: Enter today's date (example 12/19/2023)
Next pay day: Enter date 2 weeks from today (example 01/02/2024)
Payment frequency: Every Two Weeks
Credit Card number: 5413330011150134

SSN Information
If random 9-digit SSN starts with this number, then the returned lease status will be;
5 – "Approved" (example 500040088)
6 – "Pending" (example 600040088)
7 – "Denied" (example 700040088)