Progressive Leasing Salesforce Commerce Integration

The Demandware LINK cartridge is a plugin that allows merchants to enable the Progressive Leasing payment option. Once installed on the Demandware website, a merchant can begin to take orders via Progressive Leasing as an alternative to regular payment options. The extension provides the following features:

  • Progressive Leasing as an alternative payment method during checkout
  • The ability to place Progressive Leasing marketing materials on product detail pages, homepage, category, and search results pages, enabling customers to apply and get an approval before shopping. ( Coming Soon )
  • The ability to add Warranties and Service Plans to your leases.
  • The ability for merchants to set leasable and non-leasable items.

Get ready to process your first Lease to Own (LTO) application with Progressive Leasing, in 4 easy steps!

  1. Contact Us to create your account and generate your testing credentials.
  2. Install the Progressive Leasing LINK Cartridge
  3. Configure Leasable Items
  4. Test and Launch!

What’s Next