Endpoint Descriptions

The Commerce API is composed of a number of individual endpoints, each designed to execute a specific step in the overall LTO experience. There are three main categories of endpoints:

  • Application - provides endpoints that control application lookup and submission, disclosure acknowledgements, payment and returns.
  • Cart - provides endpoints to control the creation and management of a customer's shopping cart.
  • Contract - Provides endpoints to control the customer's lease agreement/contract signing and acceptance.

Postman Collection

We maintain a Postman Collection as a convenient tool for exploring the Commerce API endpoints without writing any code. The Postman Collection provides pre-formatted requests for all of the Commerce API endpoints. All you have to do is fill in your test credentials and any arguments needed for the call. Your Implementation Manager can provide you with access to the collection.


  • Lease lookup using customer information
  • Will not return any leases that are in a status that is not actionable (Declined, Funded, etc.).
  • Returns leases for the customer ONLY if the approval is tied to the merchant
  • Can perform a lookup with the following request parameter combinations
    ** Last 4 of SSN AND Birth Month AND Birth Year

  • Records the customer's acknowledgment of a particular legal disclosure, or set of disclosures.

  • Receives all information required to decision a lease application
  • Can return an Approved, Denied or Conditional approval

  • Records a User's consent to receive marketing communications from Progressive Leasing

  • Adds or updates customer's payment frequency, on an existing, actionable application
  • NOTE – in this flow, a lease application will NOT be re-decisioned based on a call to this endpoint

  • Places temporary authorization on credit/debit card
  • Verifies that the card type is accepted (i.e., prepaid debit cards are an invalid payment type)

  • provides the ability to process returns and price adjustments


Card Processing Responses

There are a number of possible responses that can be returned from our credit card processing system. Several of these responses indicate a failure in processing. These failures will result in a response code of 422 Unprocessable Entity, but with slightly different error messages, describing the issue encountered. You can view these failure responses in


POST /api /v{version} /application /cart /delivery

  • Merchant acknowledgment that the entire order has been delivered or scheduled for delivery and should only be called once the complete order has been delivered. Once delivery confirmation is received, the lease obligation begins for the customer
  • NOTE – If the customer always takes the order with them at the time of checkout, a call to this endpoint is not required. Merchant configurations are managed by our Implementations Team. For questions, contact your Implementation Manager

POST /api /v{version} /application /cart

  • Creates the cart
  • Converts the cart to an invioice
  • Generates an Esign Contract Url (the URL is not returned at this point, however, it is returned later, in the call to GET /api /v{version} /application /contract)

GET /api /v{version} /application /cart

  • Gets the current cart, diven a LeaseId

POST /api /v{version} /application /cart /orderconfirmation

  • Notifies the order has been placed in the merchant's system

GET /api /v{version} /application /cart /pricing

  • Retrieves a pricing summary using the merchant cart that is associated with the applicationId provided


DELETE /api /v{version} /application /contract

  • VOIDs a transaction
  • Cancels the contract associated with the lease
  • Set the lease status back to "Approved"
  • Refunds any Initial Payments/Fees previously collected

GET /api /v{version} /application /contract