Progressive Leasing NopCommerce App

The NopCommerce extension is a plugin that allows merchants to enable the Progressive Leasing payment option. Once installed on the NopCommerce website, a merchant can begin to take orders via Progressive Leasing as an alternative to regular payment options. It contains many features on top of being just a payment option and we will highlight some of those features here. The extension provides the following features:

  • Progressive Leasing as an alternative payment method during checkout
  • The ability to place Progressive Leasing marketing materials on product detail pages, homepage, category, and search results pages, enabling customers to apply and get an approval before shopping.
  • The ability for merchants to set leasable and non-leasable items.

Get ready to process your first Lease to Own (LTO) application with Progressive Leasing, in 4 easy steps!

  1. Contact Us to create your account and generate your testing credentials.
  2. Install the Progressive Leasing Plugin
  3. Configure Non-Leasable Items
  4. Test and Launch!