The Progressive Leasing application collects customer data to render an application decision. Using our direct APIs, the application process can be implemented into a credit waterfall; however, it is highly recommended to have a direct-to-Progressive option for those customers who prefer not to have their credit application run by a primary lender. The Prog.JS and platform plugin solutions are direct-to-Progressive only.

Application fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Social Security number or ITIN
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Mobile phone
  • Email address
  • Monthly income
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number (The bank account is required as part of the decisioning process and is used to collect recurring payments once the lease has been activated.)
  • Pay frequency (The frequency and dates that a customer is paid are used to determine the lease payment schedule.)
  • Last pay day & next pay day
  • Credit or debit card (A valid credit or debit card is required during application submission. The card submitted is used to collect the customer's initial payment to Progressive once the lease agreement has been digitally signed.)

Application Methods

Customers may apply directly on your website through your eCommerce integration, or through one of these other methods.



Customers can apply via Progressive Leasing's MyAccount on desktop or mobile web, or through our apps for iOS or Android.



Customers can apply via the Approve.Me application in-store, or through an existing in-store application integration.



At this time, the application methods above are not compatible with eCommerce checkout. For customers entering the eCommerce transaction flow with a lease approval from another application method, the original lease will automatically expire, and a new approval and lease ID will be issued. For subsequent lease applications, approvals will match the original lease approval when the customer applies with the original retailer and application information. An approval status and amount cannot be guaranteed for customers wishing to transact with a different retailer, or applying with different application information.

Future versions of our application will include omnichannel capabilities in each application method. Customers will be recognized across all Progressive systems, allowing a lease approval from one application to be recognized at checkout in another location. Lease approvals are valid only with the original retailer.

Application Decisioning

When an application is submitted to Progressive Leasing, one of the following decisions is returned:

Approved Customer has been approved.  An account number and approval limit (open to buy) will be returned in the response.
Denied Customer has been denied. An account number is still provided within the response.
Pre-Approved with Approval Amount This decision is rendered when users are applying with Progressive’s slim application method. This method requires only First name, Last name, DOB, SSN/ITIN, Mobile phone, Email address, Home address, and Monthly income to render a decision. After pre-approval is issued, customer provides Bank account, Bank routing, Pay frequency, and Last pay day/Next pay day to gain a transaction-ready approval.
Pre-Approved with $0 Additional information is needed from the customer for a final decision.  Customers should contact Progressive merchant services for assistance.
PendingThis is a very rare occurrence and only occurs if the Progressive Leasing decision engine is down. Customers should contact Progressive Leasing merchant services for assistance with rendering a final decision.

What’s Next