Virtual card

After a successful signing session, the Progressive Leasing virtual card is created. Connect can prefill the payment card fields in your checkout, if configured. Otherwise the information is entered by the Shopper manually.

Test case 7: A virtual card is created for amount of cart

Confirm that Connect creates a virtual card. If your setup and configuration allows card number prefill, the Progressive Leasing virtual card information will be populated into the payment card fields on your checkout page. Once the Shopper clicks Autofill and has been navigated away from the Pay using virtual card page, the Connect experience has ended. The Shopper is returned to your online site's checkout page.

Once the payment card fields are filled and payment terms and conditions agreed to, the Submit order button is enabled on your site. At this point, confirm the order can be submitted with the payment information provided as part of your existing checkout solution. If successful, an order confirmation can be shown at this point.

Test data

When preparing to validate the virtual card scenarios, use the sample payment data below.


Credit card numbers

Approved: 4444-5555-5555-5555
Expiration date: 12/28 or any other future date in MM/YY format

Declined: 4017-7745-6789-3451
Expiration date: 04/20 or any past date in MM/YY format

CVV: 123
Bank routing number: Any valid bank routing number (example 042000314)
Bank account number: 123456789