Say hello to a seamless lease-to-own experience.

Apply and Buy with the Progressive Leasing Connect experience.

Connect is designed to create a seamless connection between your business and a lease-to-own payment experience on your website. When you add Connect to your existing checkout solution, your shoppers will see Progressive Leasing as a payment method. Connect unites the application, signing and payment flows to deliver a complete lease-to-own solution.

Shopper benefits

  • Frictionless lease-to-own user experience with Progressive’s Apply | Sign | Pay experience, integrated into your checkout page.
  • Effortless checkout using a Progressive Leasing virtual card with a payment card prefill option applied at checkout. Check out our Experience demo to see how Connect can create a simplified shopper experience.

Business benefits

  • Low-code integration effort. Just insert our code into your checkout pages.
  • Connect determines which items in the shoppers cart are leasable so you don't have to.
  • Increase conversions and cart values by offering more ways to pay with lease-to-own payment flexibility.

Ready to learn more about Connect? Head over to our Getting started guide.

What’s Next

Check out our Getting started guides for next steps.