Getting Started

Get ready to process your first Lease to Own (LTO) application with Progressive Leasing, in 5 easy steps!

  1. Contact Us to create your account and to generate your testing credentials.
  2. Install a tool like Postman that you will use to make requests to API endpoints.
  3. Select the appropriate "Flow" based on your company's needs.
  4. Get familiar with our Guides and API Reference
  5. Start coding!

APIs, Endpoint and Flows

Typical Process Steps:

  1. Collect Application Information from the customer.

  2. Submit the application information via a POST to /api/v{version}/application. If the call returns an application Status of “Approved”, record the applicationId and continue

  3. Next, call POST /application/cart to record the customer's shopping cart information and associate it with the application submitted.

  4. Next, authorize (but not capture - that will be done in a later step) the total amount of the customer's lease's Initial Payment and any additional fees charged, by making a call to POST /application/card. A successful authorization of the customer's credit card will return a 204 No Content response. Note - if for any reason, the POST /application/card endpoint is called more than four times for a given applicationId, the transaction will be flagged as suspect internally and will make further processing impossible.

  5. Call GET /application/cart/pricing
 to calculate and return the Lease's financial breakdown, for display to the customer.

  6. To display the contract to the customer for signing make a call to GET /application/contract and pass the application ID from step 2. This will return a special URL we call an "eSign" URL. Record this URL, it will be used in the next step.

  7. Set the "src" attribute of the iFrame that will be used to display the contract for signing, to the eSign URL recorded previously. This will cause the customer's Lease Contract to be loaded and displayed in the iFrame.

  8. Present the Lease Contract to your customer and allow them to sign it in all of the locations it requires. Once signing is complete, the Customer will click the final "Submit" button displayed within the contract. Doing this causes the payment authorization amount processed in step 5 above, to be "captured" (converted to a charge).


Monitoring Contract Events

Because the contract signature happens in an iFrame, you'll need to employ an approach to registering for, and monitoring the events that occur in the iFrame's source document. This is accomplished using Javascript and the Window.postMessage() approach. With this approach, a window can listen for dispatched messages. See Contract Event Messaging for more on this approach.

Once signing is complete.

  1. When you are ready to acknowledge that the entire order has been delivered or is scheduled for delivery, call the POST /application/cart/delivery endpoint.


Calling the /application/cart/delivery endpoint

This endpoint should only be called once the complete order has been delivered. Once delivery confirmation is received, the lease obligation begins for the customer.

If the customer is denied, explain to the customer that they can contact Progressive for additional information.