You can use the Commerce API in our test environment, which does not affect your live data or interact with the banking or Credit Card networks. Both the credentials you use and the URL used to call an endpoint determines whether that request is made in live or test mode

NOTE: All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will redirect to HTTPS automatically.

Testing Requirements

Our system makes calls to third-party web services to verify certain submitted information. This communication with third-party services is disabled in our testing environment. Clients wishing to see predictable status values returned from the test environment should be aware of the following.

Device Verification:
To test the device verification in the test environment, a merchant can either:
 a) Use a real U.S. cell phone number that is subscribed to a carrier to validate the user experience;
 b) Bypass device verification by using the mock numbers provided below.
     8005559685 = Verified
     8005553288 = Unverified
     8005554155 = Created
     8005551532 = Awaiting Customer
     8005552584 = Awaiting Verifier

SSN Information:
If SSN starts with this number, then the returned lease status will be
   0 – 4 or 8 – 9 "In Process"
   5 – "Approved"
   6 – "Pre-Approved" (666-XX-XXXX is disallowed)
   7 – "Denied"

Credit Card:
When filling out first name in the credit card section, do not use a name that starts with "C"(Conditional aka more data needed), "D" (denial), "E" (Error) or "U" (Unknown) as it will cause your initial payment or authorization to fail. It will not cause a failure if used as the applicant name.

Dates must be in MM-DD-YYYY format unless otherwise specified. The following dates must be submitted correctly for a successful response.

  1. LastPaidDate, make sure this is within the last 35 days or you will get an error response
  2. DeliveryDate on /application/cart/delivery must be within the last 30 days otherwise the status will change to "Contracts Incomplete" and not funded.