How It Works

2.1 Functional Overview

Following is the list of features implemented by the Progressive Leasing Link cartridge integration:

  • Apply for Lease on Product Listing Page
  • Apply for Lease on Product Detail Page
  • Checkout Leasable Product(s) with Progressive Leasing payment method
  • For the storefront functionality to work properly, the following integration needs to be set up in Business Manager:
    ◦Enable Progressive Leasing Cartridge
    ◦Enable Progressive Leasing Payment Method
    ◦Mark Product Leasable

2.2 Use Cases

2.2.1 Mark Product Leasable

Use Case Scenarios


The merchant marks a product as leasable in Business Manager

The system displays the product as leasable in Product Detail Page and Product Listing Page

2.2.2 Apply for Lease

Use Case Scenarios


The user clicks on Apply Now button on a leasable product on either the PLP or PDP

The system displays a modal dialog to allow the user to apply for lease with Progressive Leasing

The user goes through the application in modal dialog

The lease is offered or declined based on user’s eligibility

2.2.3 Purchase Leasable Product

Use Case Scenarios


The user adds a leasable product to cart and begins checkout

The system validates the cart to ensure a non-leasable product doesn’t exist with a leasable product

The user proceeds to checkout and selects the Progressive Leasing Payment method

The system displays Apply Now button in the checkout’s billing section

The user clicks the Apply Now button

The system displays a modal dialog to allow the user to make a fresh application for lease with Progressive Leasing or sign in with an existing Progressive Leasing account

The user proceeds through application in modal dialog and signs necessary documents to complete his/her purchase

The system redirects the user back to the merchant site and completes the rest of the checkout process. The confirmation page is displayed with order details

2.3 Limitations, Constraints

Progressive Leasing is only available in the United States.

2.4 Compatibility

The Progressive Leasing LINK cartridge is compatible with Site Genesis version 105.1.0, Storefront Reference Architecture version 5.1.0 and Compatibility Mode version 19.10.

2.5 Privacy, Payment

This integration requires access to the following customer data elements: Billing Address, Shipping Address, Order Details and Customer Payment Instruments. The order is completed using the Progressive Leasing payment processor.

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