Here you will find clarification for terms regarding the Progressive Leasing plugin.

Lease Payment Estimator

The Payment Estimator module (synonymous with the widget listed in the Lease To Own or LTO Hangtag) allows for customers to see a lease payment estimate (not guaranteed to be exact) based on a few quick inputs: state of residence, total retail price of items in cart, and paycheck frequency. This module is accessible before application and allows customers to get a sense of what their LTO payments would be before they provide more personal information that is required to be collected in the formal application process. This widget automatically applies to leasable products only and will display the LTO Hangtag that responds (and updates) dynamically to user-provided inputs. Options for state selection are limited to those in scope for the specific merchant. The Estimator also includes a reminder to customers to choose Progressive Leasing as the payment method during checkout.

Marketing Banners

The Progressive Leasing plug-in comes with an integrated marketing assets functionality. This provides easy implementation and configuration of Progressive Leasing’s professionally designed banners and in-site marketing images. Selecting and using Progressive Leasing’s lease-to-own product tags and marketing collateral is possible from within the point-and-click configuration interface – no custom scripting required.

Application for LTO Approval

The plug-in leverages the Approve.Me application flow. This application flow offers:

  • Omni-channel resume capability
    • Applications started online may be resumed in-store, provided the customer’s name and SSN combination match in both instances
    • Applications started in-store using the Approve.Me application flow may be resumed online via the merchant’s marketplace, provided the customer’s name and SSN combination match in both instances
  • No multi-tab redirects
    • The entire application flow renders from within an iFrame that is launched within the same window as the merchant’s marketplace site
  • Consistent Progressive Leasing-branded application experience
    • Consistent language and feel within the flow to minimize customer distraction and maximize trust in the process itself

Terms & Conditions Display

Links to terms and conditions – both for new LTO applications and for LTO contract completion – are provided in accordance with relevant regulatory and internal compliance requirements. Customers are prompted to acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions before they are prompted to agree to lease costs and subsequently execute the LTO contract.

Build Cart

Customers will maintain the ability to add leasable items to their checkout carts. Merchants retain the ability to determine product/item leasability. LTO payment options at checkout will adjust accordingly (based on merchant’s flagging of which products are or are not leasable) once the checkout process is initiated.

Submit Invoice

Invoice submission is fully supported.

Actual Lease Cost Calculation

Actual lease costs are displayed during the E-Sign portion of the customer experience (i.e., during the pre-agreement review of terms, conditions, and costs). The actual lease cost is also visible to customers on the merchant’s order confirmation page.

Agreement to Lease Costs

Customers will be given the opportunity to review actual lease costs before electing to agree to them or not. This functionality is present during the E-Sign portion of the customer experience (i.e., during the pre-agreement review of terms, conditions, and costs). Only if the customer agrees to the actual lease costs will they be directed to the DocuSign portion of the customer experience (i.e., the formal contract terms and LTO agreement signing).

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation page (i.e., order success page) is designed to reduce the likelihood of customer confusion. This is achieved by providing:

  • Payment method summary will indicate to the customer that the product was purchased using Pay with Progressive
  • An actual LTO cost will be displayed to the customer

Merchant Delivery Date Setting (Merchant Admin Feature)

In the merchant's marketplace site, Progressive Leasing provides the capability to submit a delivery date. The date selected must be within the range of acceptable delivery timeframes as prescribed by Progressive Leasing.

Reconciliation Support (Merchant Admin Feature)

Progressive Leasing provides the merchant the ability to retrieve invoices by contacting Progressive Leasing’s Merchant Support team for questions related to reconciliation.

Order Returns Handling (Merchant Admin Feature)

Progressive Leasing offers the capability to return funds to a customer (up to -- but not to exceed – the total amount of the original invoice) for a subset or the entirety of an order. This functionality will only work in states where regulations permit. Merchants will have to determine sales tax refund amounts manually since state and local regulations vary widely. This capability will only be enabled for orders currently in a status for which returns are permitted.

Order Cancellation Handling (Merchant Admin Feature)

A merchant is able to trigger a lease cancellation within the admin of their marketplace, provided the cancellation is triggered within a specific time frame from the date of original order confirmation.