Test cases

Find test cases for the Connect lease-to-own shopping experience.

Connect end-to end test cases

Test your Connect drop-in component installation by following the steps for each test case below.

The test cases cover the pre-apply, apply and sign stages ending with payment on your checkout page, once the Shopper has chosen to Lease with Progressive.

  • In the pre-application flow, the Shopper reviews the steps of the lease-to-own process, agrees to the required disclosures and then starts the application.
  • In the apply flow, Connect can prefill many of the application fields with information shared from your checkout, if configured. Otherwise the information is entered by the Shopper manually. Once all required fields are populated, the information can be reviewed and edited. The Shopper then submits the application for decisioning and approval.
  • Once the Shopper has been approved, the leasable and non-leasable cart contents are presented. The Shopper reviews the cash price of the items, any sales tax and delivery costs and a lease to own total for the term of the lease (such as 12 months). The price of any non-leasable items will be added to the amount due today. The Shopper reviews the lease terms and authorizes the payment due at signing to be charged to their card.
  • In the sign flow, the Shopper reviews their lease agreement, provides their informed consent and electronic signature, then submits. Their payment card is then authorized for the amount due today.
  • In the pay flow, the Progressive Leasing virtual card is generated for the amount of the cart. Connect can prefill the payment card fields in your checkout, if configured. Otherwise the information is entered by the Shopper manually. Once the payment card fields are filled and payment terms and conditions agreed to, the Submit order button is enabled. At this point, your thank you for your order page can be presented.

Things to consider as you test

  • Don't use real-life data during testing. In all test cases, use Connect sample data for your testing.
  • Test case 7 walks you through generation of the Progressive Leasing virtual card and autofill of the card numbers into the payment card number fields on your Merchant website.
  • Testing the Connect checkout process does not result in an actual purchase or payment.


Test case 1: Lease with Progressive button is in the checkout page

Test that the Lease with Progressive button is displayed in the expected page and section of your checkout page. Refer to the Connect Recipe steps 1 and 2 to check the placement recommendations for the script tag and drop-in component.

Test case 2: Shopper accepts pre-application disclosures

In the pre-application apply flow, test that the 3-step how this works information page is presented. The Continue button should be enabled. On-click/touch, Shopper is navigated to Before you apply page.

The Before you apply page presents disclosure links with ability to open and review. Mark the disclosures checkbox to accept and proceed. The Start application button will be disabled until the checkbox is marked. Once checked, the Start application button is enabled. On-click/touch, Shopper is navigated to the Contact info page and begins the application flow.

Test case 3: Shopper adds all required application information

In this test group, the Shopper adds all required information on the Contact, Personal, Income, Card and Bank info pages. As each pages required fields are populated, the Continue button is enabled. On the Card info page, a Shoppers billing address must be marked to proceed. When the address box in not marked, the Continue button is disabled.

Once all required information is populated, the Review your info page is displayed. The Shopper can update any of the page sections. You may want to test the Update for each page.

Test case 4: Shopper submits the application with all required information

On click/touch of Continue button, Shopper is navigated to the Submit application page. The Submit application button is enabled. Once the application is submitted and processed, the Shopper's information is sent for decisioning and an application response is provided. Using the sample data, you have the option to test various decision responses; Pending, Approved or Denied. As the application is submitted, a Processing Application page may be displayed to the Shopper.


Test case 5: Cart review with leasability determination and pricing

Test that Connect has identified leasable vs non-leasable items as expected on the Review terms page. Check the lease terms and pricing to ensure the leasable item pricing being shown is as expected. Test that on-click/touch of the Continue button, Shopper is navigated to the Payment due at signing page.

Test that Connect has presented the expected amount due today and correct customer card to be charged. On-click/touch of Verify payment button, test that Shopper is navigated to the eSign flow.

Test case 6: Shopper reviews and eSigns their lease agreement

Test that Connect has presented the Shopper their lease agreement and contractual values are as expected. Check the contractual disclosure checkboxes to enable electronic signing of agreement. Once the signed agreement is submitted, this ends the signing session.


Test case 7: A virtual card is generated for amount of cart

Test that Connect generates a virtual card for the amount of the Shopper's cart. If your setup and configuration allows card number prefill, the Progressive Leasing virtual card information will be populated into the payment card fields on your checkout page.

Once the Shopper has been navigated away from the virtual card page, the Connect experience has ended. The Shopper is returned to your checkout page in your online store. At this point, test that the order can be submitted with the payment information provided as part of your existing checkout solution.


Test case 8: Configure the Connect callback functions

Connect has a few callback functions that provide your system with the information needed to update Progressive with the order status. Merchants generally use these functions post-purchase to provide an order Id and acknowledge the entire order has been delivered or is scheduled for delivery. Read more about confirming order and delivery in the Configuration page callbacks section.

Store the callback information Connect provides at checkout. Then test that you can provide back an order id and future delivery date using both the one-time URLs.

What’s Next

Finished testing? Head over to the go-live checklist and get ready to show your Shopper's they can Lease with Progressive! Or check out our Troubleshooting page if you're having some issues.