Before you test

Let us help you get the most out of your partnership with Progressive Leasing.

Read this guide to learn about installation pre-requisites and getting your access credentials before you start testing the Connect drop-in component.

To start testing Progressive Connect product features, you need:

  • Your access credentials which provides you access to the Connect environments
  • To add the Connect drop-component into your online site
  • Sample data

Installation pre-requisites

Get started by contacting us at the link below.

You'll be directed to our Let's Chat webform at Our sales team and a dedicated onboarding specialist will contact you right away.

Contact a Progressive Representative

Get started with a Progressive Representative

Have this information ready when you contact us to get your Merchant access credentials.

  1. Environment URL's: Provide your ecommerce URLs for Sandbox and Production.
  2. Logo URL: Provide the source of your business logo on your ecommerce site. The URL link from your content delivery network (CDN).
  3. Merchant Category Code (MCC): Provide your four-digit MCC that classifies your business by purpose. This helps Progressive ensure our virtual cards are supported for your integration.
  4. Product Inventory: Provide a listing of the products, categories and services you offer. Progressive Leasing will review the listing to determine any leasability restrictions or limitations. This means Progressive Leasing will do the work and configure Connect to determine leasable or non-leasable goods and services at an item or category level. This helps us provide your customers the best possible experience when presenting final lease-to-own pricing.

You can always ask us to review which product categories or individual items should be considered leasable.

Need more help?

Visit Configuration page

Visit our Configuration page.

What’s Next

Ready for testing? Check out the test cases on the next page. Still need to do some setup? See the Configuration guide.